Ready to go toolbox for your digital solution

All full-stack realtime, scalable modules you need for Web, Apps & Platforms

Cut total costs

Enjoy up to 50% cost savings with pre-made modules. Easy configuration instead of build-from-scratch solutions.

Implement Rapidly

Fast prototyping and massive time saving by customizable modules instead of drawn-out individual programming.

Built-in flexibility

Easy integration of existing systems and simple adaption of latest technologies.

Receive quality

Proven reliability and tested standard modules designed for scaling and real-time data processing.

// YOU OS for Start-Ups
Pando Ventures

YOU OS is the perfect partner for us when it comes to platforms. It is always inspiring to work with the team.” You need a partner in crime & support for your start-up? Talk to PANDO

// Fast prototyping
WEsualize – Co-Create Social Content

“YOU OS enabled a perfect kick-start. We can work focussed on our users, not on coding.”

// Building platforms
Persshare – Personal-Sharing

The new platform for hotels and restaurants based on the idea of a sharing economy – powered by YOU OS. Available in Switzerland under

One product – two opportunities for you

YOU OS is a toolbox for digital solutions available for any device. Connect people, systems and things alongside with a real-time data model based on a scalable platform technology.

Do it yourself

You have IT expertise in your company? Perfect! YOU OS is available for you as an on-premises solution.

No clue about technology

You have no clue about technology? Perfect! YOU OS is available for you as SaaS. We would love to support you with consulting and implementation.

How we work:


of the parties (people, things & systems) in your digital solution, their intentions, characteristics & interactions.


of the needed interaction modules from the YOU OS toolbox.


of your solution with all YOU OS features, your chosen interaction modules and business processes.


of your first prototype/MVP.


of the achievements of your goals within your digital solution.


of your solution by easy adaptation of new entities, interactions and processes.

Interaction modules

Ready to go interaction modules, for back-end and front-end. Back-end: just configure and start. Front-end: our YOU OS Web UI provides an already existing connection to the backend.

  • Chat

    Direct messaging, group discussion or chat bot – let conversations start with a click, trigger or event and enable communication using text, pictures, videos, and of course emoji's. Wherever you want.

  • Scheduling

    Schedule a machine, or organize a personal shift plan. The scheduling module is adaptable to any entity, wherever you need it.

  • Inbox & Push, Notification

    Our interaction modules inform you of any news (e.g. a chat message or an availability requests). News notifications can be saved in an inbox and can optionally be pushed to any devise. The notification module keeps you up-to-date wherever you are by mobile, in a browser, or via e-mail.

  • Comment & Like

    The comment module enables you to add the comment function wherever you want. Text, audio or video for any of your entities and you decide about the cascading comment levels. Content or interaction, like button or five-star rating – give your users the opportunity to interact however you want.

  • Media

    Text, audio, video, or files. The media module integrates any data format you want and automatically provides thumbnails to ensure efficient data visualization.

  • Search

    The module enables an efficient search for entities and profiles. Attributes are individually indexed and synonyms optionally defined. For instance, if you search for “house,” then search results for “building” will automatically be displayed as well.


Regardless of your amount of entities and your chosen interaction modules: these feature always come alongside with YOU OS.

  • Matching

    Bringing together the right entities at the right time. To create a valuable match, entities are consistently compared according to the defined criteria (always editable) based on our real-time system.

  • Smart Scoring-Algorithm

    The adaptable scoring-algorithm calculates similarities between entities and shows their relevance. This is especially useful when actions should be executed only with a certain degree of consensus.

  • Events & Processes

    Each entity raises events. Other entities are then, in a predefined process, able to react to these events and raise new events according to their new status reports.

  • Account

    An already existing standard process of user registration, account validation (e-mail or text message), account administration, authorization & authentication.

  • Multi-Devise-Session-Handling

    YOU OS supports the parallel access to user accounts from different devices.

  • Security

    Data security is one of our top priorities. With SSL-Encripting, configurable API authorization and regular backups we ensure secure data processing. YOU OS is ready for solutions complaint to the new EU General Data Protection Regulations.

YOU OS built with…

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Akka
  • sbt
  • Docker
  • Swagger / OpenAPI
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS
  • Asynchrone Datenverarbeitung
  • Redux
  • Ant.Design
  • Webpack
  • JavaScript
  • PostCSS


Your success is our success. Therefore, our pricing modules are as flexible as our YOU OS modules. You have your own IT and want to create and host YOU OS-solutions? Perfect! Contact us for more details about our on-premises solutions. You have no clue about technology? Perfect! Talk to us, we would love to introduce you to our SaaS solutions.

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